Pougatch Alexander can record a bespoke audio memoir for you of up to one hour. This can be either a stand-alone interview with the subject or a mix of the subject themselves and some of the key people who have shaped their lives.


The podcast is an enduring physical recording of your voice. It can tell your professional or personal story.

We use experienced broadcasters to conduct the interviews, chief among them Mark Pougatch, Cornelius Lysaght and Sybil Ruscoe. Mark is ITV’s main sports presenter and in a thirty year career has been to every major global sporting event and interviewed many leading sportsmen and women. Cornelius was the BBC’s hugely popular racing correspondent for 19 years and Sybil is a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today and a former presenter at BBC Radio 5 Live.  These professional broadcasters have spent their entire working lives interviewing people and so are adept at getting the best out of their subjects.

Audio memoirs
bespoke audio memoirs
Bespoke podcasts


Experience in this field tells us that by far the best interviews are conducted face to face where possible. We can come to your house or a location of your choice. That way the interviewer can strike up a proper rapport with the subject. Interviews with contributors for the more multi-layered podcasts can be done by Zoom, if necessary. We employ an experienced sound engineer to look after the technical side of things.


We often find that one of the things a family member misses most when a loved one has passed away is the sound of their actual voice. Our podcasts ensure that their voice and their story live on for generations.

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