Do you have a story to tell but don’t know where to start? If so, Pougatch Alexander offer a bespoke ghostwriting service. We have experience writing biographies, business books, personal and family memoirs and like nothing better than to help a client tell their story.

From first contact to published book, we hold your hand throughout the writing, editing and publishing process. We work closely in partnership with you to ensure you get the book that you want. We love stories and are committed to doing them justice.


We offer a bespoke service because everyone has a unique story to tell. No two stories are the same and our approach is individually tailored. We never expect you to fit into our process. This ensures your story carries your authenticity and voice and reflects your requirements precisely. It also means the process of getting your book written can fit into even the busiest life.

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For memoirs and biographies, the client is almost always our key source of material. We interview you extensively. This can be on the phone, by Zoom or face to face. We also draw on any other sources you want and can provide.


Before any writing begins, we agree very precisely on the book structure. Once you are happy with the chapter outline, we then start to write, weaving the story together.


When we have finished the draft, we help you turn it into a finished book, either for private circulation, or for sale. We work with a few select publishers to ensure that your finished book is produced to the highest standard. We have publishers who produce beautiful cloth bound books with dazzling end papers, or you can opt for something simpler – everything is tailored to you. We can also introduce you to book PR specialists to help you promote and market the book if that's what you would like.  


If you have a story to tell and don’t know how or where to start, Pougatch Alexander are here to help.

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